Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Essentials

   Hi Everyone! Summer is finally here and today I thought I would share with you summer essentials that might come in handy. Some of these are a-no-brainer, but a little reminder never hurts.
  I know most of you are already enjoying your break and having a blast with your friends now that school's out. I actually have my physics final tomorrow (my last final) and I'm not excited for it in the least bit, but I graduate on Tuesday which makes everything better. I'll stop rambling now and show you my Summer Essentials.

   Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of products, it's really not a lot and the majority of the items here are used year-round as well.

Food and Drinks:
It's no secret that we all like to chug a gallon of a cold, sugary-beverage or finish a whole bag of chips on a hot summer's day. Maybe it's just me, but I'm always hungry and unhealthy snacks/drinks are ever so convenient. So to combat these daily cravings, I've swapped my delicious bag of Lays chips with a bag of dried fruit and my Sprite for water. As boring as dried fruit and water sound, they are unbelievably healthy and actually pretty yummy. Water is your best friend when it comes to staying fit and cool as a cucumber in 90-100 degree weather. There's a long list of things that water does for your body (too many to name) that makes it the healthiest beverage you can possibly drink. Dried fruit is surprisngly satisfying, dates and figs are some of my favorites. I suggest choosing fruit you already eat and like. They basically have the same amount of nutrition as regular fruit, they're just packaged in an easier way to eat.

The sun is always glaring and different rays are penetrating your skin. You need and should wear sunblock! It may be obvious, but so many people forget to wear it. I know you want that sexy, bronzed-skin, but cancer is not worth it. Try fake tanners (invest in a quality one and you'll never go back) or get a spray tan. This brings us to the next essential, some of us (like myself) don't really tan... We burn until we reach a tomato-red complexion. It's not flattering and it hurts--a whole lot. Aloe Vera is a lifesaver, it soothes and reduces your flushed skin.
As the weather gets warmer, the AC everywhere gets stronger. You'll start to notice your skin getting dry, so use a moisturizer and a lip balm daily for soft, supple skin.

Body Odors and Funky Scents:
We all have that one friend or acquaintance who smells unpleasant and no one likes to hang out with (maybe it's you, just kidding). To prevent that from happening, wear deodorant! It shouldn't be reserved for special occasions, put it on everyday. Case closed, end of discussion. If you really want to smell nice, spritz some perfume or cologne--something fresh and light. During the summer, I don't know what it is, but I've been in cars that have a vile odor and makes me wish I drove or brought a car freshener with me. So if your car or a friend's car smells a little funny--go crack one open.

Lookin' so fresh:
For those who where makeup or excessively sweat, bringing portable tissues is a must. Throughout the day, beads of sweat will run down your face ruining your makeup. Before that happens, lightly wipe/pat your face dry and you're good. If you're the type of person that excessively sweats or if you're outside for the whole day, giving your skin a good rub with (scented) wet wipes will feel refreshing.

Taming nature:
We all like to throw on pale colors when it's hot out, but if you're as clumsy as I am, you're bound to get anything you wear stained. Words cannot explain how happy and stress-free I've become knowing I bring a Tide-to-go everywhere with me. To block out the sun and prevent any accidents, go get yourself a cheap and colorful pair of sunglasses. This will give your look a pop of color, protect your eyes, and assure you piece of mind if you sit on or drop them. And finally, to keep your hair away from your face and under control, run some wax or gel through your hair for a sleek finish.

Other Essentials:
A hat, mosquito stickers or bug spray, stay away from leather accessories, and swap your facial cleanser or moisturizer with a lighter formula. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of Summer Essentials and jogged your memory for the next time you go out. Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy.


  1. These are great! Any product by Bliss it perfect for me!

    1. Thank you Caroline!:) I agree, Bliss products are amazing!

  2. hello, nice collection, can you please tell me from where I can buy them ?... I am so thankful if you tell me xoxoxo

    1. Hello Sagr! Sorry for the late reply..Here are some of the links to these products, the rest of the items can be bought at your local drugstore or local market. Thank you for checking out my blog:)
      Bliss Cream:

      Aloe Vera:

      Tom's Deo:

      Oil absorbing sheets:

      Tide to go: