Monday, June 16, 2014

Quick How-to-Style: White Button-Up

   Lately I've been obsessed with button-up shirts. They are so versatile and compliments everyone's body shape. I especially like using them in the winter to layer under sweaters for a sophisticated touch, but gives us that extra warmth we need to stay nice and toasty. During the warmer months, for a comfortably-cool yet chic outfit, pastels and lightweight fabrics are the way to go. 

   For today's fashion how-to, I've styled a crisp, white button up t-shirt and paired it with black slim-fit pants. With any shirt that doesn't hug your body, it is essential to always pair it with a tight bottom to balance out a flowy top and vice versa (loose pants merries well with a tighter top). By doing so, it will flatter your body shape. This monochromatic contrast between black and white makes for a timeless and effortless ensemble. The best part about these looks are that they are super easy to recreate, little to none extra accessories, and they can go from casual to classic.

In the left look above, I'm wearing an undershirt underneath the buttoned-up top, but by doing so it (almost) creates an ombré-like effect--adding a unique touch to this simple outfit. This look is very clean and perfect for everyday.
On the right, I untucked the plain white tee and unbuttoned all of the buttons. This is very casual and loose--comfortable enough for a day's worth of activities and fun. 

These looks are a bit more polished. I tucked in the shirts and added a belt for a slimming effect. The sleeves looked a little plain, so I rolled them over giving it more of a stylized appeal. What sets the left look apart from the right is the silky, black tie. The distinction between the School boy and the Professional Man. However, Women can rock a white-button (possibly better than Men) too by wearing a gaudy statement necklace to spice up the plain white shirt or by throwing on a fur vest to really liven up this simple look.

Tip: If your shirts are always wrinkly from jamming them in your closet (like I always do) and you don't have time to go iron them, this is a time-saving tip you'll want under your belt. If you've already picked what you're going to wear the night before or early in the morning, before you take a shower, hang your shirt in the bathroom. The steam and moisture from your shower will smooth out all the wrinkles--leaving your shirt in pristine condition as if you just dry-cleaned it (your shirt will not be wet).

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more how-to's. Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy. I'll be doing a giveaway soon to thank everyone that has supported me and encouraged me on this journey so far, keep checking my blog for more updates.

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