Friday, September 12, 2014

My New Style | Modern Lolita

   Hello Everyone! I recently went to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York where I debuted my new style. Personally, it was a big deal for me. It was almost like revealing my deepest secrets to the world by wearing them on my sleeves. I'd describe my new style as a modern take on the Lolita Boy--it's very cutesy, definitely an acquired taste, tons of bold colors and pastels, innocent-looking, sweet yet still tailored, and just an overall stylish way of dressing up like a child. On the inside, I am the epitome of a child. I love acting like a little kid, eating sweets, carrying stuffed animals, going to amusements parks, and being cute. Not that I was embarrassed, I just felt like I needed time and enough courage to bite the bullet. Fashion Week being the biggest fashion event, I thought--hey, why not? 

   I saw just about everything at Fashion Week, from the young to old, seductive to conservative, jaw-droppingly gorgeous ensembles to underwhelmingly-plain and uninteresting looks to questionable attire. I'm glad I did because it gave me the inspiration to dress however I want and not give a damn about what anyone else thinks. My style is an extension of me and by sharing it I hope to inspire everyone who wants to express themselves to just do it and I wish you the best of luck.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Graphic Tee Lookbook

  Hi Everyone! The weather just seems to get hotter and hotter with each passing day. Today I have a Graphic Tee Lookbook that will help you stay cool, yet still very stylish. Enjoy and don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy! 

California Kid

Sunnies: Tevin Vincent 
Graphic Tee: Zara
Pants: Calvin Klein
Arm Swag: Lokai, Tevin Vincent, Hermès

Nautical Vibes

Sunnies: Tevin Vincent
Graphic Tee: Bannana Republic
Shorts: Jcrew
Arm Swag: Lokai, Tevin Vincent, Hermès

Too Cool 4 Skool

Sunnies: Ray Ban
Graphic Tee: Calvin Klein
Jeans: Zara
Arm Swag: Hermès

Hipster Chic

Sunnies: Ray Ban
Graphic Tee: H&M
Denim Waistcoat: Zara
Pants: Calvin Klein
Arm Swag: Lokai and Hermès

Cutesy Streetwear 

Hat: H&M
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Graphic Tee: A Bathing Ape (Baby Milo)
Pants: Calvin Klein
Arm Swag: Lokai, Tevin Vincent, Hermès

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?

  Hello Everyone! I recently reached over 1000 hits on my blog! I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me and encouraging me to post more content. You don't understand the amount of joy it brings me when someone tells me on Instagram or in person that they love reading my blog--it instantly puts a smile on my face and brightens my day. To celebrate and thank everyone, I have a giveaway contest in which one of you will win a gift from me. This is an international giveaway, so wherever you are in the world, I will be able to ship this to you. The winner will be chosen at random and will win a Tiffany and company bow mug. I chose to give away a designer mug because I drink tea or coffee everyday and it gives you a little taste of my fashion heaven. This giveaway will be open for one month. If you'd like to enter this giveaway, you must:

• be a blog follower or an Instagram follower @henrysheaven

• share a link to my blog

• comment below or on the Tiffany Box post on my Instagram in terms of what you would like to see on my blog in the future (collabs, lookbooks, more how-to's...) and if you comment below be sure to leave your name

**if you don't see your comment, try again**

That's it!

Like everyday, don't forget to smile. Be happy and stay happy. Good Luck!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Essentials

   Hi Everyone! Summer is finally here and today I thought I would share with you summer essentials that might come in handy. Some of these are a-no-brainer, but a little reminder never hurts.
  I know most of you are already enjoying your break and having a blast with your friends now that school's out. I actually have my physics final tomorrow (my last final) and I'm not excited for it in the least bit, but I graduate on Tuesday which makes everything better. I'll stop rambling now and show you my Summer Essentials.

   Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of products, it's really not a lot and the majority of the items here are used year-round as well.

Food and Drinks:
It's no secret that we all like to chug a gallon of a cold, sugary-beverage or finish a whole bag of chips on a hot summer's day. Maybe it's just me, but I'm always hungry and unhealthy snacks/drinks are ever so convenient. So to combat these daily cravings, I've swapped my delicious bag of Lays chips with a bag of dried fruit and my Sprite for water. As boring as dried fruit and water sound, they are unbelievably healthy and actually pretty yummy. Water is your best friend when it comes to staying fit and cool as a cucumber in 90-100 degree weather. There's a long list of things that water does for your body (too many to name) that makes it the healthiest beverage you can possibly drink. Dried fruit is surprisngly satisfying, dates and figs are some of my favorites. I suggest choosing fruit you already eat and like. They basically have the same amount of nutrition as regular fruit, they're just packaged in an easier way to eat.

The sun is always glaring and different rays are penetrating your skin. You need and should wear sunblock! It may be obvious, but so many people forget to wear it. I know you want that sexy, bronzed-skin, but cancer is not worth it. Try fake tanners (invest in a quality one and you'll never go back) or get a spray tan. This brings us to the next essential, some of us (like myself) don't really tan... We burn until we reach a tomato-red complexion. It's not flattering and it hurts--a whole lot. Aloe Vera is a lifesaver, it soothes and reduces your flushed skin.
As the weather gets warmer, the AC everywhere gets stronger. You'll start to notice your skin getting dry, so use a moisturizer and a lip balm daily for soft, supple skin.

Body Odors and Funky Scents:
We all have that one friend or acquaintance who smells unpleasant and no one likes to hang out with (maybe it's you, just kidding). To prevent that from happening, wear deodorant! It shouldn't be reserved for special occasions, put it on everyday. Case closed, end of discussion. If you really want to smell nice, spritz some perfume or cologne--something fresh and light. During the summer, I don't know what it is, but I've been in cars that have a vile odor and makes me wish I drove or brought a car freshener with me. So if your car or a friend's car smells a little funny--go crack one open.

Lookin' so fresh:
For those who where makeup or excessively sweat, bringing portable tissues is a must. Throughout the day, beads of sweat will run down your face ruining your makeup. Before that happens, lightly wipe/pat your face dry and you're good. If you're the type of person that excessively sweats or if you're outside for the whole day, giving your skin a good rub with (scented) wet wipes will feel refreshing.

Taming nature:
We all like to throw on pale colors when it's hot out, but if you're as clumsy as I am, you're bound to get anything you wear stained. Words cannot explain how happy and stress-free I've become knowing I bring a Tide-to-go everywhere with me. To block out the sun and prevent any accidents, go get yourself a cheap and colorful pair of sunglasses. This will give your look a pop of color, protect your eyes, and assure you piece of mind if you sit on or drop them. And finally, to keep your hair away from your face and under control, run some wax or gel through your hair for a sleek finish.

Other Essentials:
A hat, mosquito stickers or bug spray, stay away from leather accessories, and swap your facial cleanser or moisturizer with a lighter formula. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of Summer Essentials and jogged your memory for the next time you go out. Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Quick How-to-Style: White Button-Up

   Lately I've been obsessed with button-up shirts. They are so versatile and compliments everyone's body shape. I especially like using them in the winter to layer under sweaters for a sophisticated touch, but gives us that extra warmth we need to stay nice and toasty. During the warmer months, for a comfortably-cool yet chic outfit, pastels and lightweight fabrics are the way to go. 

   For today's fashion how-to, I've styled a crisp, white button up t-shirt and paired it with black slim-fit pants. With any shirt that doesn't hug your body, it is essential to always pair it with a tight bottom to balance out a flowy top and vice versa (loose pants merries well with a tighter top). By doing so, it will flatter your body shape. This monochromatic contrast between black and white makes for a timeless and effortless ensemble. The best part about these looks are that they are super easy to recreate, little to none extra accessories, and they can go from casual to classic.

In the left look above, I'm wearing an undershirt underneath the buttoned-up top, but by doing so it (almost) creates an ombré-like effect--adding a unique touch to this simple outfit. This look is very clean and perfect for everyday.
On the right, I untucked the plain white tee and unbuttoned all of the buttons. This is very casual and loose--comfortable enough for a day's worth of activities and fun. 

These looks are a bit more polished. I tucked in the shirts and added a belt for a slimming effect. The sleeves looked a little plain, so I rolled them over giving it more of a stylized appeal. What sets the left look apart from the right is the silky, black tie. The distinction between the School boy and the Professional Man. However, Women can rock a white-button (possibly better than Men) too by wearing a gaudy statement necklace to spice up the plain white shirt or by throwing on a fur vest to really liven up this simple look.

Tip: If your shirts are always wrinkly from jamming them in your closet (like I always do) and you don't have time to go iron them, this is a time-saving tip you'll want under your belt. If you've already picked what you're going to wear the night before or early in the morning, before you take a shower, hang your shirt in the bathroom. The steam and moisture from your shower will smooth out all the wrinkles--leaving your shirt in pristine condition as if you just dry-cleaned it (your shirt will not be wet).

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more how-to's. Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy. I'll be doing a giveaway soon to thank everyone that has supported me and encouraged me on this journey so far, keep checking my blog for more updates.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

June Lookbook 2014

   Hello Everyone! Here is a Lookbook of some of my OOTDs this past week. The weather has been beautiful and I can't wait to share more lookbooks with you.

Sunnies: Ray Bans
White-Button up: Club Monaco
Pants: Calvin Klein
Tie & Belt: Calvin Klein

Graphic Tee: John Varvatos
Pants: Jcrew

Cardigan: Club Monaco
White Basic Tee: Zara
Pants: Calvin Klein

Cotton T-shirt: Bannana Republic
Lightweight Shorts: Jcrew
Headband: Hermès
Arm Swag: Hermès

Button-up: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Bannana Republic
Beanie: Calvin Klein

Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf

   Scarves are the perfect accessory to dress up or dress down any outfit. They can be worn year-round and depending on the season, the material of your scarf may be thicker and more insulated suited for colder climates or lightweight and airy for those brighter months. Whether you're wearing a scarf to stay warm or to make a fashion statement, here are 10 (unisex) ways to wear any scarf. These are easy enough to create on-the-go for a more relaxed vibe or a chic wrap for a clean look (to school or the office).

   The scarf I'm using is 55.1 X 55.1 inches by Louis Vuitton in the color Anthracite, 60% Silk and 40% Wool. You can use any scarf with similar dimensions to recreate these looks.

Fold your scarf in half to make a rectangle. Fold it over again, then wrap the scarf around your neck with the ends dangling at your back while the middle of the scarf covers your face. Bring the ends around towards your face and tuck them underneath the rest of the scarf. Adjust as needed.

Fold your scarf in half to make a rectangle. Fold it over again, then wrap the scarf around your neck (opposite of the first one) allowing both ends to dangle over your chest. Take one end (it doesn't matter which end) and tuck it under the other and pull it through the hole you made. Adjust as needed.

Fold your scarf in half to make a rectangle. Fold it over again, then wrap the scarf around your neck with the ends dangling at your back while the middle of the scarf covers your face. Bring the ends around and towards your face and allow them to drape over your chest. Adjust as needed.

Fold your scarf in half to make a rectangle. Fold it over again, then take one end of the scarf and place it on your shoulder. Take the other end and start wrapping the rest of the scarf around your neck until you have achieved a donut-shape and tuck-in any extraneous material under the donut. Adjust as need be.

Take your scarf without folding it in half, wrap the entire scarf around your neck leaving one side longer than the other. Taking the longer side, wrap it twice around your neck and leave the shorter side to dangle over your chest. Adjust wherever needed.

Fold your scarf in half to make a triangle. Wrap the scarf around your neck with the ends dangling at your back while the middle of the scarf covers your face. Keep wrapping the ends around your neck and tuck them underneath the fabric at the back of your neck.

Fold your scarf in half to make a triangle. Fold over your scarf until the triangle disappears and you're left with a long hot-dog looking shape. Wrap the scarf around your neck with the ends dangling at your back while the middle of the scarf covers your face. Bring the ends around to the front and make a knot. Adjust as needed.

I personally wear my scarves this way when I need to protect my head, ears, and neck during those vicious (east coast) winter storms. Fold your scarf in half to make a triangle. Take the middle of the scarf (non-pointy side) and lay it over your head allowing the rest of your scarf to drape over your back and shoulders. Take one end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck once and leave it hanging over your chest. With the other end wrap it around your neck and take the remaining fabric and tuck it underneath. Adjust as needed.

Fold your scarf in half to make a triangle. Fold it over again, then wrap the scarf around your neck (opposite of the first one) allowing both ends to dangle over your chest. Keep wrapping the ends around your neck and tuck the rest under.

Fold your scarf in half to make a triangle. Fold it over again, then wrap the scarf around your neck (opposite of the first one) allowing both ends to dangle over your chest. Wrap each end around your neck once so both ends are back in the same position. Adjust as needed. And Voilà!

I hope you enjoyed these simple methods to wear your scarves. If you liked any of these looks, comment down below which is your favorite or tell me how you like to wear your scarves. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section or inbox me. Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy. :)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Fruit Infused Water

    Hi Everyone! It has been highly requested on my instagram that I teach you how I make Fruit Infused Water so here it is! 

  Here in the United States we have just transitioned from Spring to Summer and the heat is starting to get unbearable. Not only is it extremely hot, but we're going to more barbeques, eating a lot of junk food, drinking sugary beverages, laying on the beach... Basically, most of us (including myself) are doing nothing, but stuffing our faces without regarding our own health. So! I present to you (and whoever you share this with) my fruit infused water recipe. Do not be fooled by the name, it is simple and quick to prepare and make. 

  The list of items you will need:
  • A Glass Bottle or Jar with a cap (any will do)
  • Fresh Fruit (preferably fruits with juices, a banana will not work)
  • Water
  • A Knife and Cutting Board
    Let's Begin!

       Make sure your glass bottle/jar is clean and ready to use.

        First, wash your fruit (this step is very important, do not skip it) and try to slice them thin (be careful when using a knife or other kitchen appliances to cut your fruit). These slices do not have to be perfectly uniform and identical.

        For today's Infused water recipe, I found some strawberries and lemons. Feel free to use any fruit you have on hand, but make sure it is a fruit that has running juices. With any fruit infused water recipe, the juices from the fruit are extracted for flavor and healing benefits. In terms of the amount of fruit to infuse your water with, the more fruit you add the more flavor the water has. I would recommend filling a quarter of the bottle with fruit if it is your first time just because you can always adjust the amount of fruit to suit your taste. Once you've placed your fruit inside of your glass bottle, fill the bottle up with water and place your bottle in the fridge or any cool area for 30 minutes and Voilà! Now you've made your first bottle of Fruit Infused Water! Try it and tell me it's not the most refreshing and delicious drink you've had? Not only is it yummy, but it is jam-packed with all the healthy-goodness from the fresh fruit juices. Depending on the different fruits you add, each drink has its own detoxifying and healing properties. Share this recipe with friends and family, make them a drink and see if they like it. If you try this recipe out, take a picture of it and tag me in it on Instagram or Twitter (my information is down below). Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy! Enjoy!

    • I always use lemon in my fruit infused recipes, it is one of the healthiest and palate-friendly fruits to use. When using lemons in your recipes, I'd advise to remove them after 40 minutes of soaking in the bottle because after too long the bitterness of the peel starts to kick in (nobody wants a bitter drink).
    • If you're looking for more detoxifying recipes (and I am not a dietician or a health professional, yet, these are tips I've learned and have come across after doing some research) I would add fresh herbs like mint and tea leaves especially green tea.
    • If you're not that keen on chopping up your fruit, you can always find pre-washed and chopped up fresh fruit at your local grocery store.
    • By adding an ice cube, you can keep the beverage nice and cold during those hot, sunny days whether you're at the beach or at home. The ice cube can also help to drown out some of the overpowering flavors of the fruit/herbs as it melts.

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    If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below or message me.

    Thursday, June 5, 2014

    Baby Blues and Creams

      Now that the weather here in NJ is starting to look nice, I put together this outfit that features a soft, baby blue button-up with cream-colored khakis. The button-up I'm wearing is lightweight and comfortable enough for the sunny weather and to run some errands. By wearing a belt, it helps to tuck in all the extra fabric of the shirt and creates the illusion of a slimmer body shape. This look is perfect during the day time when you want to be casual, but still has a sophisticated touch. You can transition this look from daytime to night by throwing on a leather jacket (I would stick to neutral colors like white and black) and swapping your bag for just a wallet. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or message me. Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy.

    Sunnies: Ray Ban (polarized)
    Button-up: Club Monaco
    Pants: Jcrew
    Bag: Louis Vuitton Palk
    Belt: Calvin Klein
    Bracelets: Hermès
    Find me on Instagram: @henrysheaven