Monday, June 9, 2014

Fruit Infused Water

    Hi Everyone! It has been highly requested on my instagram that I teach you how I make Fruit Infused Water so here it is! 

  Here in the United States we have just transitioned from Spring to Summer and the heat is starting to get unbearable. Not only is it extremely hot, but we're going to more barbeques, eating a lot of junk food, drinking sugary beverages, laying on the beach... Basically, most of us (including myself) are doing nothing, but stuffing our faces without regarding our own health. So! I present to you (and whoever you share this with) my fruit infused water recipe. Do not be fooled by the name, it is simple and quick to prepare and make. 

  The list of items you will need:
  • A Glass Bottle or Jar with a cap (any will do)
  • Fresh Fruit (preferably fruits with juices, a banana will not work)
  • Water
  • A Knife and Cutting Board
    Let's Begin!

       Make sure your glass bottle/jar is clean and ready to use.

        First, wash your fruit (this step is very important, do not skip it) and try to slice them thin (be careful when using a knife or other kitchen appliances to cut your fruit). These slices do not have to be perfectly uniform and identical.

        For today's Infused water recipe, I found some strawberries and lemons. Feel free to use any fruit you have on hand, but make sure it is a fruit that has running juices. With any fruit infused water recipe, the juices from the fruit are extracted for flavor and healing benefits. In terms of the amount of fruit to infuse your water with, the more fruit you add the more flavor the water has. I would recommend filling a quarter of the bottle with fruit if it is your first time just because you can always adjust the amount of fruit to suit your taste. Once you've placed your fruit inside of your glass bottle, fill the bottle up with water and place your bottle in the fridge or any cool area for 30 minutes and Voilà! Now you've made your first bottle of Fruit Infused Water! Try it and tell me it's not the most refreshing and delicious drink you've had? Not only is it yummy, but it is jam-packed with all the healthy-goodness from the fresh fruit juices. Depending on the different fruits you add, each drink has its own detoxifying and healing properties. Share this recipe with friends and family, make them a drink and see if they like it. If you try this recipe out, take a picture of it and tag me in it on Instagram or Twitter (my information is down below). Don't forget to smile today, be happy and stay happy! Enjoy!

    • I always use lemon in my fruit infused recipes, it is one of the healthiest and palate-friendly fruits to use. When using lemons in your recipes, I'd advise to remove them after 40 minutes of soaking in the bottle because after too long the bitterness of the peel starts to kick in (nobody wants a bitter drink).
    • If you're looking for more detoxifying recipes (and I am not a dietician or a health professional, yet, these are tips I've learned and have come across after doing some research) I would add fresh herbs like mint and tea leaves especially green tea.
    • If you're not that keen on chopping up your fruit, you can always find pre-washed and chopped up fresh fruit at your local grocery store.
    • By adding an ice cube, you can keep the beverage nice and cold during those hot, sunny days whether you're at the beach or at home. The ice cube can also help to drown out some of the overpowering flavors of the fruit/herbs as it melts.

    Where to find me:
    Instagram: @henrysheaven
    Twitter: @henry_teal
    If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below or message me.


    1. love this! I love to put cucumber and mint with lemon on my water, it's delicious!

    2. SO I definitely tried this and used a little agave syrup and it was heaven!

      1. Aha I'm glad you tried it out!:) agave nectar is perfect if you want that extra hint of sweetness:)